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Safety Net (Basic Needs)

SAFETY NET (Basic Needs):
Safety Net is at the core of our work. Safety Net funding supports members of our community in immediate crisis to stabilize them and provide a foundation for future success. It includes food, disaster relief, crisis intervention, emergency shelter, and more.
Agencies applying under this Pillar must: 
  • Have self-sustainability programs in place
  • Provide case management to take those in need from start to finish
  • Provide secure shelter for vulnerable populations 


  • Demonstrate leadership for improving communication & collaboration between groups providing services, including government & non-profits organizations




Funded partners working to help the most vulnerable establish a safety net for the future:


  • American Red Cross - Disaster Services
  • Volunteers of America - Crossroads Shelter
  • Salvation Army - (Emergency Services)
  • Safe Harbour - Shelter & Outreach Services
  • Kinship - Supervised Visitations
To accomplish this goal of stability, United Way of Erie County funds programs that are working in one or more of these critical areas:
  •  FOOD