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Workplace Campaign

Our work, with the support of our partners, improves lives and strengthens our community.  The benefits of our work also extend to our business neighbors, who reap well-earned rewards for nurturing community growth and change. The United Way workplace campaign is familiar tradition in Erie County.  Every fall, area companies conduct workplace campaigns led by company volunteers.  During group meetings, at special events and through personal contacts, employees learn about United Way, its partner agencies and how donor dollars are used in the community.


Benefits of a Conducting a Workplace Campaign:

  • Efficient and effective philanthropy - Our approach helps you make the most of company time and resources. You can rely on our experienced staff to help you conduct a successful employee campaign.
  • Recognition - United Way of Erie County is pleased to acknowledge our supporters. We provide various recognition opportunities.
  • Return on investment - Supporting United Way of Erie County ensures that your company's giving will have the widest reaching impact on our community.

Benefits for Your Employees:

  • Pride and enhanced moral - Employees feel good about working for a company that cares. Employee giving campaigns bolster pride, cooperation, and teamwork among employees.
  • Simple ways to give - United Way makes giving hassle free for employees. We can also connect employees with volunteer opportunities.
  • Your partnership with United Way of Erie County enables employees to get involved and learn about the issues facing our communities.

Payroll Deduction

Many people contribute to United Way through payroll deduction.  Payroll deductions make giving easy.  Using paper or electronic pledge forms, you tell us how much you would like to give. Your employer sets aside a portion of your earning from each pay period.


Your United Way contribution goes to work creating lasting changes in your community right where you live, work, and play.


Corporate Matching Programs

Many employers have a United Way matching program where they will match employee dollars, dollar for dollar, as the corporate gift to United Way.


If your company would like more information about conducting a workplace campaign to advance the common good, contact United Way of Erie County via phone at (419) 625-4672.