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United Way Loyal Contributor Program

The United Way Loyal Contributor program is designed to identify, thank and recognize donors who have given to (any) United Way for 10 years or longer, regardless of giving amount. It also provides a great way to obtain personal contact information, particularly email addresses, so we can communicate directly with our donors - to thank and recognize them, inform them about the impact of their gifts and activate them to become more involved with the United Way movement. 

If you want to take part and make yourself known to us for your loyalty to our cause, please email us at, preferably with the email address you'd like us to keep on file for you, with your contact information so we can keep in touch with you regarding everything that you've done for us as well as upcoming United Way events that you can show your support for.

Thank you for all your support to the United Way movement. It means a lot to us to know that we have so much support from caring and dedicated individuals like you.