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N2Y supports United Way Employees at the Huron company gave generously

Pacesetters, by definition, lead the way. They are the first out of the starting gate. They blaze the trail that others will follow.  Each year, the United Way of Erie County counts on six Pacesetter companies to kick off its annual fundraising campaign.  Those companies conduct their employee campaigns before the start of the official community-wide fund drive.

N2Y is proud to be a United Way Pacesetter.Specialists in the special education field, N2Y employees are proud of their Pacesetter role. This year, its 43-person Huron work force donated more than $12,000 to United Way.
N2Y Campaign coordinator Mary Molique directs the annual effort. “I have personally seen the good that United Way agencies do for those most in need.  Each of us is only one tragedy removed from needing help in some form or another.  United Way is there when we need it,” said Molique.

United Way of Erie County funds programs and services right here in the community in the impact areas of education, health, income and basic safety net services. Give to United Way of Erie County to help directly support your community.  Go to or call 419-625-4672.

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