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Agency Semi-Annual Program Evaluation

2019-2020 Agency Semi-Annual Program Evaluation

Complete a separate online form for each program that was approved for funding by United Way of Erie County for CY 2019. This information should be derived from your application for funding. You are only required to report on programs for which you receive United Way of Erie County funding.


Please make sure that you answer each question completely and provided the requested information.


LOGIN HERE (it's optional) - but if you want to "Save a Draft" you will have to login.  If you do not already have a website account, CREATE AN ACCOUNT HERE. If you have already used your email for an account, but forget your user name and password then - RESET PASSWORD HERE.



1 Start 2 Part III - Program Outcomes 3 Part IV- Financial Information 4 Complete

PART I - Agency Information

Part II - Client Data - Yearly Half

Of this number for this half please identify:

Location of Residence

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