Campaign Overview

United Way of Erie County's vision for our community is bold. Our goal is to create long-lasting changes in our local communities that prevent problems and emergencies from happening.

United Way of Erie County is working to advance the common good by focusing on issues in our community, such as financial stability, healthy children, health and well-being, and support of families. These are the building blocks for a good life in Erie County.

Last year, United Way of Erie County provided services to local residents: from those battling cancer, to those suffering from physical and mental disabilities; from those who have lost their home to fire to those who have left their home due to physical and sexual abuse; from those children who need a mentor to those youth who need to feel that they belong. Many lives were changed.

We invite you to be a part of the change. Together, united, we can inspire hope, fund services, and create opportunities for a better tomorrow. That is what it means to LIVE UNITED.

Financial support is the easiest and most powerful way to invest in your community and LIVE UNITED.  Regardless of what you are able to give, your investment is making powerful and long-lasting changes throughout your community. Remember, by working together we can accomplish more than anyone can on their own.

Invest in your community. GIVE NOW to United Way of Erie County.

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