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About Us

Mission Statement:

To increase the Organized Capacity for People to Care for One Another.

Position Statement:  

The United Way of Erie County, although a member of United Way of America for its marketing and support services, is an independent non-profit organization operating in Erie County for the benefit of its partner agencies, their clients, the community and donors.

To receive funding, partner agencies will complete a grant application which is submitted to the Community Investment Committee. The Committee convenes in the spring and carefully reviews each application and meets with agency representatives. The committee will then determine a recommended amount to allocate to the agency for the next fiscal year. All funding recommendations are submitted to the full Board of Directors for approval. It is the total of the allocations combined with the United Way of Erie County Office Budget that determines the campaign goal for the upcoming campaign year.



Erie County


Our Initiatives to the Community Impact Areas of:

  • Education - Helping children and adults achieve their potential through education.
  • Income - Helping families become financially stable and independent.
  • Health - Improving people's physical and/or mental health